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the defendant's public statement. >> i understand my actions violate today law. i regret if my actions hurt anyone or harmed the united states. it was never my intent to hurt anyone. i only wanted to help people. when i chose to disclose classified information, i do so out after love of my country and duty of others. >> bradley will serve his prison in kansas and will be eligible after a third of his 35-year-old sentence has been served. >> bradley manning has been in custody two years, shawn, he'll get credit for time served. >> were there supporters there, what was their reaction? >> there were a couple dozen
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supporters in the courtroom. the judge admonished them ahead of time, absolutely no disruptions. the hearing was only two minutes long. as soon as she ended her hearing, then the noise erupted. they literally followed her instructions. there was sort of a demonstration. you could hear it. that is why the guards hustled manning out. >> john, thank you. in virginia, sky fox over the scene this afternoon as crews battle house fire in 8500 block in bristol. damage is estimated more than $100,000. no injuries reported. >> now to leesburg where a pipe bomb exploded olympic boulevard
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and kings street in riverview community. lauden county sheriff's office investigating. white house is deeply concerned after new reports of chemical weapons being used against civilians in syria. opposition groups are blaming assad regime for the attacks that left hundreds dead near damasc damascus. the attack comes after a weapons group is in syria investigating. >> they were granted access to the country yesterday, i believe. given the reports we have seen overnight about what may or may not have taken place in syria, we think it is important for that investigative team to be given access to that areament>> more than 100,000 people have
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died since syrian conflict in 2011. >> army major nidal hassan rested his case today. he didn't call witnesses as part of his defense. nidal hassan admitted to the shooting in opening statements and tried to defend his actions because of his muslim religion. spin off business is selling ar 15. dick suspended sales after newtown connecticut. field and stream, a new outdoor store opened in western pennsylvania is selling ar-15. there is no word if they will sell rifles in their store again. so-called thrill kill of a oklahoma baseball player. now we are hering the -- hearing
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the 911 call, fox's robert gray has the story. >> three oklahoma teachers make a shocking admission. >> they said we were bored, we had nothing to do and decided to kill somebody. that somebody was transplant from australia in ada, oklahoma. the perfect person, he would be the outcome you would find. >> reporter: lane's girlfriend described him as one of a kind. they were out jogging when he was shot in the back. lane was fighting for his life as good samaritans helped him. >> he is not conscious. is he still breathing?
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barely. >> 17-year-old michael dwyane jones and 16-year-old chancy al la loona have been charged with first degree murder. under oklahoma law, they'll be tried as adults. >> i am appalled at these three children. it is something these three people can do without. entire community is upset. >> luna is said to be the trigger man an act he is not capable of. >> i know in my heart he didn't pull that trigger. >> the two younger teens face life in parole without parole. >> reporter: julio blanco garcia charged with first degree murder
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for stabbing vanessa pham three years ago. his defense maintains he wasn't premeditated. paul joins us from outside the courtroom. >> reporter: i left the courtroom as julio blanco garcia admitted to police he did what he did saying i am not a bad guy, i was so high, i am sorry, i didn't mean to. she didn't do anything wrong meaning vanessa pham. i was hallucinating. she stopped at the medical building, i grabbed the knife and did what i did. i stabbed her in the chest, she was crying. julio blanco garcia was holding his head in his hands as he was telling the police, crying at times. very dramatic scene. everyone quiet and watching these monitors. unfortunately there is a delay getting the video out here to
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you. we are going to play what happened when julio blanco garcia was brought into the interview room back in december of last year. he notices when he looks down on a piece of paper as he is talking to the detective the word "murder." >> there is a reason why everything happens, that is why we want to talk to you. in order for me to talk to you about that. >> reporter: earlier in the day testimony from dna lab technician found the dna of what appeared to be julio blanco garcia on the knife found inside
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vanessa pham's car when she was murdered. it look dz like his dna. it was a mixture of dna and technician said he couldn't rule out julio blanco garcia. also a computer forensic's technician and on julio blanco garcia's computer he was able to see he did numerous searches over the years many websites including looking for vanessa pham and numerous searches about drugs. >> paul, you have been doing cases for years, are you surprised there wasn't a plead deal to spare vanessa pham's family from a trial. >> they are trying to get a second degree murder trial. he may not be getting as much time in prison.
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they are trying tolessen that for him. they said he was high on drugs, he was freaked and, spur of the moment. >> prosecution not going for anything less than murder 1. paul wagner. >> as we continue on the 5, school closing shooting in georgia. learning how much ammo the suspect was carrying and who helped prevent the bloodshed. >> what happened to the driver who careened off the interstate into a creek. >> showers and thunderstorms, you can see it here on radar to the west and south. what is the chance we get that this weekend. a first look at your forecast
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coming up. 
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>> following a developing story out of kansas, several children hospitalized after a school bus crashed. the bus overturned in kansas city. eight sixth grade girls hurt.
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their injuries not considered life threatening. tonight we are learning a suspected gunman entered a school in georgia was heavily armed nearly 500 rounds of ammunition and an ak-47. they show hill in front of a mirror posing handing an ak-47. a school employee talked about him out of going on a rampage and believed he looked like help wanted to kill. >> he said he didn't have any reason to live, he knew he was going to die today. >> i believe it was bigger than me. he was a hurting young man. i just started praying for him. >> she kept talking to him to make sure he didn't go outside where the children were. more from fox's deidre dukes.
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>> reporter: musical math session, 145 elementary students that showed up for school are excited at mcnara high. >> it is very emotional. >> reporter: knowing the real danger they faced. >> he was giving demands there is intruder alert but this is real. >> they began alerting staff there was a gunman on staff. >> i didn't know where he was. that was the terrifying part. you are thinking once the gun fire started, i didn't know how he had gotten off into the building. >> fifth grade teacher said those messages helped her stay home as she and students hid in
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the classroom. james fearing for the safety. >> you do what you do because you love children and you want them to have a great future. >> we do those drills, they are for real. >> mcnara elementary school brian bolden praised students for doing what they were taught. the children excited knowing they will return to their elementary school campus thursday. >> meanwhile a woman who once allowed hill to live with her and her husband, he was mentally ill but never violent. >> this is the video of the day. showing the truck, at it go plunging off a highway and gone viral. it was flying off this michigan interstate. look at the trailer still attached. the driver suffered some kind of medical conditions causing him
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to veer into the median and sail over the embankment into a creek bed. he survived thanks to a seat belt. >> we are getting a first look at a baby born on the side of the road in maryland. he couldn't wait. his parents were on their way to the hospital on route 100 when she went into labor. a very calm 911 operator talked about them through it. >> you can see head, right? >> his head is out. >> the paramedics are on the way, okay. >> good news everyone is okay. by the way that is the third baby born outside the delivery area in the past three weeks, one on a metro platform, another on i-270.
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>> what was going on. i was naming what they were going to name him, howard for howard county? little boring? >> little boring. >> let's look outside, it is hot and sticky. >> tomorrow is hot, too. maybe a little less sticky. it is humid, not quite like today. thunderstorms, too. we have to get to radar. 87 now, we have been as high as 88. we are going to way to see if we can get to 89 or 90. gaithersburg 84, dulles, manassas, middle 80s. winchester cooled to 82. they have clouds there with showers to the south. cumberland, maryland, shower with clouds around, too. wow, look at this, heat index, when you factor in the humidity, feels like 92, culpeper again
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just like yesterday, up into the feels like temperature of 100°. fredricksburg sitting at 94. little more pleasant by the water, either side of the bay is generally speaking in the middle 80s. watching for the chance of showers and thunderstorms scattered about this evening right now all of the activity is to the west of us and to the north. a lot of the stuff is having a hard time crossing over i-81. a little bit of disturbance in the atmosphere bringing it in our direction. there is severe for parts of rockingham and shenandoah county. continue to move northeast 20
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miles an hour. right now dry in the metro. keep it dry at 7:00. there is a chance between 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 we could have showers or thunderstorms, shawn, moving cross the area, okay? we are looking at the pretty good weekend. we'll show you the specifics coming up in a few minutes. >> what kind of weekend? >> pretty good. >> all right. thanks, gary. >> coming up on the 5, thousands are expected to come to the nation's capitol for the 50th anniversary of the march in washington. hi, scott. >> robert griffin iii talks about his health and last week's comments taken out of context straight ahead. >> 202-895-3000 fox 5 tip line, you can send us an e-mail to we'll be right back. 
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>> it is a short week for the redskins, just three days before the third pre-season game at redskins park. >> robert griffin iii spoke to the media and scott smith on deck with what he had to say. >> reporter: he went full speed against the starting defense. last week he went full speed against the scouting defense. griffin talked about about his meeting with dr. james andrews monday night and the doc examined his knee after 90 minutes, everything looks good and told the stay the course. griffin says his eyes are set on philly. being healthy is on good
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mechanics and could come at any point. last week's big talker that made the national media circuit saying there might be friction between he and shanahan. >> it sucks. i sat down and talked about to a few people, do i stop being who i am and honest and giving you ammunition to turn against this team or go into a shell and bill belichick it all week. if something it happens, make a statement, make sure it is clear. i don't think i can change who i am because people are going to change my words against me. >> kirk cousins received treatment, he is a long shot to
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play on saturday. good news for receivers banged up in monday night's game, that practiced. saturday, a lot of rex grossman and pat white. >> so many appreciate him be yourself, not to mention he is very good. >> i am just guessing, when do you think we'll get the "he's all clear?" i think it is going to come down to game day? >> reporter: my guess is that tuesday or wednesday. >> he might know. >> reporter: week 1, tuesday, wednesday. >> thanks, scott. >> coming up, preparations underway for 50th anniversary for march on washington. find out how city leaders plan to use it for voting rights. >> coming up, state-of-the-art
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school in d. c.>> awe, we'll tell you who made a dream come true for this little girl battling cancer, we'll be right back.
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>> tonight we are learning national security system collected thousands of e-mails -- they declassified secret nsa rebuked by the court in 2011 for collecting 56,000 internet communications, court ordered nsa to limit what it collects and how long it keeps it. >> thousands of people expected in the nation's capitol over the next week to take part in events marking 50th anniversary on march on washington.
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saturday 2nd and next wednesday. fox 5 matt ackland. >> reporter: the city and park service are gearing up for big crowds, hotels booking up, charter buses in demand. medical services will be ready to handle all emergencies. set up already underway along the national mall. fences being erected to keep pedestrians and vehicle traffic moving without any safety issues. >> good morning everybody. >> reporter: mayor vincent gray held weekly press defense to bring attention to 50th anniversary to march on washington and lack of voting rights among d.c. residents saying they are connected. >> frankly, we might as well be
5:31 pm
given indignity to what we are subjected to in this city. >> reporter: everyone will make their way to the lincoln memorial saturday. officials say plans are being made to transport attendees who need it especially older folks. >> they will be shuttling people from froggy bottom to lincoln. >> reporter: d.c. fire and ems has had its share of vehicles recently. paul quaneder said this. >> we are prepared and ready and will provide whatever medical services we are called upon on the 24th. and the 28th. >> reporter: we should be learning more information about how the fire department is dealing with serious issues recently. next week a presentation given to the media on the new
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ambulances arife -- arriving as well as new medics. >> matt ackland, thank you. postal service will issue this, special stamp, forever stamp part of limited edition series, three-part step to commemorate 50th emancipation proclamation and birth of rosa parks. >> another step taken to renovate martin luther king library. the d.c. library issued a request to submit plans. no decisions made on the type or extent of renovations or additions. library opened in 1972. speaking of construction, what does it take to build a brand new state-of-the-art school?
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here is a time lapse video of the 20 months to construct new dunbar school. digital projectors and interactive white boards to enhance learning experience. it will hold 1100 students for upcoming school year. >> that is cool. prince george county leaders, 645 million dollar facility build on 70 acres near the metro station. it would replace the financially troubled prince georges hospital. the municipal facilities must give the green light and could open in 2017. >> no hospital stays for the little girl you are about to meet. she has been sick. fox 5 beth parker shows us it was something right out of a fairy tale. >> reporter: she was riding in
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style and that was just the beginning, four-year-old katelyn creted by her hero. >> repunzel. >> hi baby, you look so beautiful. >> she loves repunzel. >> reporter: this is no ordinary wednesday, this is the day katelyn's wish comes true. last year doctors discovered a malignant tumor behind katelyn's eye. >> it was hard while she was going through her treatment. now she is done it is nice to see her having fun and having energy and feeling well enough to play and be like every other kid. >> reporter: that means a pink sword fight with her sister. this was put on by make a wish mid atlantic and baldwin homes. maryland green designer show home. this house is on the market and when it sells some of the
5:35 pm
proceeds will go to make a wish foundation. >> this is probably the greenest home in the state of maryland. as you walk in, the sensor catches the movement and turns a hot water pump on and circulates hot water throughout the house. >> oh my goodness! >> reporter: there is another chapter to katelyn's fairy tale. >> her family moves around and wants some place like home. >> she saw her bedroom in waldorf, maryland being transformed. >> it brings human aspect into charity. to have a focus and family in need is humbling, i think. >> reporter: here is the finished product. >> they are going to set it up she can set it up as is in her new home. >> reporter: the family has been blessed for what they wished for
5:36 pm
most, katelyn is in remission. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> perfect party for a perfect princess, katelyn, we wish you well. >> best news in remission. >> coming up tonight, a brand new autism study, certain children are at a higher risk of being diagnosed. >> also why a certain chemical element for developing alzheimer's disease. 
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>> in tonight's health alert, children with an older sibling with autism, they are likely to have it themselves. children born 1980-2004, they
5:40 pm
were seven times more likely to be diagnosed themselves. one possible reason, parents are more aware of the conditions and its symptoms. >> a new study shows alcoholism and certain eating disorders may share a common risk factor. genes appeared to account for 53% of risk of developing alcoholism, anorexia and bulimia. common genetic factors contribute, researchers suggest doctors seeing patients with drinking problems, ask them about eating disorders as well. copper maybe a key risk in developing alzheimer's disease. researchers conducted experiments using mice and human cells, low levels of copper found in shell fish and drinking water may increase plaque build up in the brain that causes
5:41 pm
alzheimer's disease. others say copper prevents the plaque build up. >> let me bring you back to your childhood, remember the double stuffed oreos? >> i don't like chocolate but watched everybody. >> here is the question: are they really double stuffed? in our consumer crunch how high school students are exposing the cookie company. >> tmz tells us whose sweet 16 party featured swag bags worth $150,000. why wasn't i invited to the party? >> i know. and tracking storms out west, gary is back with your forecast, stay with us. ♪
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[ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. right now, get a 2013 chevrolet volt for around $269 per month. >> time for your consumer crunch
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laura on tap. >> reporter: i have shocking news about stuff. u.s. homes resale in july at highest level in three years approaching healthy level since november of '09, that is beyond analyst expectations, a sharp increase in borrowing cost is only having a limited impact on housing recovery. from housing to hotels and latest consumer trend catching attention in hotel industry, glamping without the fuss. unlike camping, this is going to cost you $300 at some hotels, peanuts compared what this couple paid for their experience. 90° outt let that
5:46 pm
stop you, wal-mart is trying to get you to start your christmas shopping in september. do you have your christmas shopping. world's biggest retailer is offering free lay aways no opening fee begins september 13th and last through december 13th. if you are an oreo fan, bad news for you, folks, they are not doing away with beloved cookie, you may have been had, you can call this a cookie conundrum, a high school math teacher in new york challenged his class measuring height and weight they found out double stuf is only 1.86 times the cream feeling of mega, only 2.68. response from oreo spokeswoman, while i am not familiar with the classroom setting, i can confirm
5:47 pm
our recipe has double the stuff when compared with base. that is the stuf i was talking about. >> non defensive comments from nabisco. >> i think you go buy a pack of double stuf and try it yourself. >> thank you, laura. >> shawn and gary, over to you. >> let's talk weather, hot and humid, it is back, summer. >> i like the traditional oreo. >> too much stuff. >> it is stuf with one f. f fed. >> more stuff to talk about in the weather. let's see if we can get double the stuff in the same amount of time. pretty good. muted sunshine in showers and thunderstorms to the west of us. that may change in the forecast this evening. we are going to have a chance
5:48 pm
for a shower or thunderstorms coming on across. right now it is not happening. dry around the metro, north and south around i-95. the commute not hampered by rain or showers or thunderstorms. that is good. if you look back to the west, see the trends, the rain you are seeing in thunderstorm activity, it is trying to come in our direction. it is more farther back out to the west. there is a disturbance coming across. i think over the next couple of hours, there is a chance we could fire off a shower or possibly a thunderstorm across the area. there is a severe thunderstorm warning way south down on i-81. south of front royal and winchester. there has been hail and gusty winds. it seems to be weakening. it looks like they have cancelled the thunderstorm warning early. it looks to be weakening.
5:49 pm
there is more shower and thunderstorm activity out to the west. we'll have to watch and see if a shower or storm fires up. 87 sgait -- gaithersburg. lower 90s for everybody. culpeper, at least you are down from 100. feels like temperature 96. bit of a cooling trend. partly cloudy around 7:00. possibility of showers or a storm or two around 9:00 perhaps moving across with the disturbance. by 10:00 or 11:00 everything calms down. here are the next couple of days, 89 tomorrow. pretty much just as hot as today. it looks like it is not quite as humid. there will be a chance of showers and thunderstorms late afternoon into the evening hours. we have a frontal system coming down tomorrow night.
5:50 pm
anywhere ahead of that front, we could in theory kick off a shower or storm. friday, the front is coming through, we are going to have a chance for a few showers early friday morning around here. maybe as late at 9:00 or 10:00 before everything pushes to the south. a temperatures 87°. a lot of rain to the south of us. here is the thunderstorm activity out to the west. there is instability in the upper levels of the atmosphere. it is tracking on across nothing too strong. it looks like things begin to get calmer. tomorrow hot ahead of the front chance of showers and thunderstorms. a few evening showers or storms possible. most stay dry, 73 overnight tonight and tomorrow a few spotty showers early, warm at noon. few showers into the evening
5:51 pm
hours. ak cue -- accuweather seven-day forecast gorgeous. 70s and 80s and a lot less humid. >> thanks, gary. >> all right. thank you. to the talk of the town on tmz kylely jenner just celebrated sweet 16. guests were handed gift bags more than $1,000 worth of swag. charles joins us live from l.a. what was inside those bags? >> pretty much anything you want, you are a 16-year-old kid and got head phones, electronics, gift cards for clothing. there were special fashion items also, girls got and guys got
5:52 pm
gift cards for electronics. a thousand dollars worth of stuff and kardashian own clothing line items. this be probably didn't cost chris and bruce jenner a thousand dollars. a lot is given by product placement. till the kids get to walk away a thousand dollars worth of stuff. i think it is spoiling a 16 year old. >> let's move on to talk about high profile gloria alred, why is she suing the wrapper? >> she is now representing the paparazzi who was at the airport. remember the video of kanye west going crazy.
5:53 pm
they are suing kanye for assault, battery and interference with the camera guy's civil rights in this case free speech. kanye has been doing this for years, he has done it to our camera guys, this time it wasn't our guy. gloria alred is going hard. maybe she is the one to teach kanye a less son. someone has to teach him, you can't lash out at people. >> thanks for joining us, see you for tmz for tv at 6:30. >> straight ahead, all new at 6:00, maryland delegate under scrutiny for driving under influence for a second time. those are the allegation, what is next for don dwyer and what state lawmakers are calling for? distinct honor for d.c. police
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chief? and the controversy wage bill and why he is fed up just ahead at 6:00. 
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>> there is a new twist of the california teenager kidnapped and taken to ohio. suspects family wants a dna suspect to determine if james is actually her father. he left $112,000 to her grandmother. he kidnapped her after killing mother and brother. he was later killed in a shootout by fbi. an 18th woman has come forward accusing mayor of fillner of sexual harassment. york says several witnessed the incident.
5:58 pm
fillner recently underwent therapy. they will vote on a resolution asking for fillner to resign. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 6:00. >> today jurors watched a video of julio blanco garcia admitting to killing vanessa pham. he is charged with first degree murder for stabbing pham to death three years ago. paul wagner is live outside the courthouse. >> reporter: the courtroom was packed to watch the two hour long video. vanessa pham's mother didn't take her eyes off the screen he
5:59 pm
told police help didn't remember anything until finally he admits he did the killing. this is basically the last couple of minutes of his confession you are going to see now. >> i am not a bad guy. i was so high that i mean, i asked her for a ride to the hospital. you know i just don't know what happened, i, i grabbed a knife and too much, i am so sorry. i didn't mean too. >> i have changed my life since then. god is not going to forgive me. i wa

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